Walkease Starter Kit Medium(yell) cpt


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Walkease (say �walkies�) is the new hoof repair block from Shoof
International Ltd. Invented and developed in-house by Mr Peter
Griffiths, Shoof�s product development manager. Walkease has been
created as an early-intervention hoof claw prosthetic. It is not
intended to replace other conventional claw shoes currently on the
market. The Walkease block is made from flexible EVA material, that is
soothing for the cow to walk on. The greatest advantage of the Walkease
is its speed and ease of application. The Starter Kit comprises 10
Walkease blocks, a tube of special Walkease �superglue�, a Shoof hoof
rasp (203 624) and 10 pairs of latex gloves, all packed in a useful
resealable plastic container. For further use extra 10-packs of blocks
and extra glue are available. A practical �first-purchase� would be the
�mixed sizes� starter kit (212 102). This has blocks as follows: 3 x
small, 3 x medium and 4 x large. This will allow the user to determine
the preferred block size for their own herd.
Walkease blocks can be used either way up, so suit both left and right
claws. The block should stay on from 7-14 days, which is generally long
enough for the treated claw to have made a recovery. For more seriously
affected claws that have had invasive treatment, we recommend use of our
other listed claw and hoof shoes.
Walkease is covered by design and patent applications.


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